About Pankito

A creative and young team started the idea of ​​the Pankito game project in Asia. This Game has started to work to improve the level of investment intelligence and training risk and capital management with blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and NFT. One of the most critical points in this project is the robust synchronization of B2B and B2C to improve people's investment intelligence, have a simple and practical environment, and implement money-making adventures on various platforms.
Why do we say money-making adventure? The Pankito game project is full of opportunities and different facilities and fields on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. In these fields, there are mines and pristine treasures that every player can dig and reach these valuable resources and functional objects. Each player can design and implement his investment strategy by buying or renting land and choosing the correct characters and tools to reach his main financial goal.

Why Pankito?

By combining a sense of adventure and a financial perspective, the Pankito game project has improved people's level of investment intelligence. In addition, building a community of friends and friendships allows people to make money with their friends. Therefore, the Pankito game project is designed so that teamwork and Getting help from friends will get a better result. Three features of Pankito that distinguish this project from other projects: The first one is that this Game is user-friendly, you don't need a high knowledge of blockchain to play this Game, and this Game is suitable for all ages and strata of society. The second point, which is one of the most crucial features of this project, is the possibility of generating money in different ways, and in addition, only players can earn by playing this Game. Finally, the third feature can be provided by the practical use of PDA artificial intelligence to improve the playing experience in the future.
Last modified 6mo ago